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Men • Flat Shoes • Monks

Men's monks | Flat Shoes
Presentable men's shoes - an indispensable accent in a business wardrobe. Monks ("monk shoes") - classic shoes of elegant shape, allowing them to be used for special occasions. The usual lacing is replaced by short straps (usually one or two), which are fastened with buckles. The prototype of this model with an elongated narrow silhouette is good-quality monastic shoes made of genuine leather, which is comfortable to wear and wear for both young men and the elderly.

Modern designers produce monk calfskin or suede, popular products and with inserts of textiles. The sole is stable, the heel is flat and wide. Toe cap is found both solid and detachable in contrasting colors. An additional detail is an interesting stitch.

It is recommended to combine monks with short trousers in the Italian style, so that the legs do not touch the buckle. At the same time, socks open up to the outside gaze, and special attention should be paid to their harmonious combination with the whole ensemble.

Stylish shoes with a single metal buckle made of black or dark blue matte leather are ideal for a classic business suit.

When shaping your everyday wardrobe in a casual style, it is recommended to stop the choice on mustard, cherry or golden versions with two buckles. Chinos with a cardigan, skinny jeans with long sleeves are an elegant addition to casual shoes with perforations or fringes. Open top buckle adds an element of carelessness to your look.

Universal summer option - shoes with linen trousers and a jumper.

Fashionable men's monks are represented by manufacturers Duca di Morrone, Lumberjack, Made in Italia, Pierre Cardin and others.