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Men's jeans
The history of jeans has more than 150 years, and if at first they were working clothes, now they firmly occupy a place in the fashion industry. Properly chosen jeans will help to look slimmer, and the label of a famous brand will emphasize the status of the owner.

Classic men's jeans straight cut from thick cotton fabric of indigo color, having 5 pockets, are still successfully sold and always find their fans. These models are necessarily present in the manufacturers' lines with a history, such as Levi's or Wrangler. However, designers come up with all the new styles of jeans and options for their design.

Types of fashionable men's jeans
For several seasons, tight men's jeans are in fashion; this silhouette is called Slim Fit. His extreme option, when the leg tightly fit the leg, called skinny. Jeans of this cut look good on men with long straight legs. With a tendency to corpulence, it is better to abandon them in favor of straight or slightly narrowed.

Jeans are different fit, it can be high and low. In recent years, after the long-term popularity of jeans on the hips, the high waistline of the trousers has come back into fashion.