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Women • Crossbody Bags

Women's Crossbody Bags
Crossbody Bags are a convenient accessory for every day

Accessories with a long strap are comfortable to wear both on one shoulder and diagonally. Thanks to this attribute, the bag does not take up space in the hands and looks original. If necessary, the strap can be unfastened or adjusted to fit.

Designers offer models of textiles, leather, suede and their artificial substitutes. Following the latest trends, they decorate the bags with three-dimensional patterns, fringe, geometric patterns, zippers.

Types of Crossbody Bags
In the fashion collections there are several basic styles:

Fold over. The model is also called a tablet or envelope. This is a flat rectangular handbag, lockable with a zipper or magnetic button.

Sack. The product has no clear lines, draws on a textile or leather cord and is very spacious.

Messenger. Volume youth bag with a rectangular case. It is complemented by patch pockets and has several compartments inside.

Satchel. The currently popular model resembles a schoolbag in miniature. The satchel has a hard bottom, several compartments and decorative straps in the front.