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Women • Sunglasses

Premium glasses for women
In addition to the main function, women's glasses play an important role as an accessory, at the same time fashionable, glamorous and useful. Now sunglasses are a fundamental element in the image of any woman, since they largely determine the personality and style of the owner.

The model range is represented by various fashion brands offering a wide range of shapes and colors. No important detail escapes the attention of designers. In the production of glasses used modern materials to provide excellent sun protection characteristics and a high degree of security.

Gucci offers glasses from large celluloid, where the frame reminds of savanna, and gradient lenses of different shades refresh the image. Ray Ban redefines angular shapes with color combinations reminiscent of this brand’s luxurious minimalism. Bulgari sunglasses with interesting decorative elements, reminiscent of the origin of the prestigious brand and its achievements. The Fendi brand underlines the unrivaled style of its own iconic accessories with beautiful details of the double F - the signature of the famous brand.