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Women • Wallets

Women's Wallets and card holders

Women's purses, wallets and cosmetic bags
Accessories can tell about their owner sometimes even more than her clothes, so such high demands are made on their design and quality. If the bags can be changed depending on the image, then the wallet or the purse is usually one, which is also a reason for a serious attitude to their choice.

Different models of wallets and purses
Manufacturers are trying to please every woman of fashion, so the range of wallets and wallets is so great. There are concise models from serious brands that look expensive and immediately demonstrate the status of their hostess. For young girls, a wallet of unusual shape or with a funny pattern can be a good option. Some ladies prefer the simplest design with a minimum of details, many brands have such wallets in the rulers.

Cosmetic bags
In purses and wallets, girls carry cash and plastic cards, but their favorite cosmetics is no less valuable. When in her purse are powder, lipstick, and all that may be required during the day, the girl feels much more confident. That is why cosmetic bags are so in demand. They can be compact, you can carry them every day, or rather roomy ones that are suitable for travel.