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Women • Watches

Women's watches
The watch is an accessory that forms the image, and for any woman it is also an ornament. For each image are different models: elegant and discreet - for the office, sports - for training, fashionable and with bright decor - for outlets.

Fashionable women's accessories today may look different: there are both massive “male” models and elegant miniature versions. Popular and sports items made of plastic, as well as complex mechanical watches, skeletons. Minimalism with its clean lines and airy design is today a special trend. Products in this spirit often do not have numbers, and sometimes even shooters.

Particularly fashionable are models with very long straps-bracelets, in which silk ribbons and even fur can be used. The combination of several accessories on one hand is a popular trick, which is known as the arm party: the watch here is the basis of the composition, in which bracelets participate, matching each other in color or style. Real women of fashion manage on one hand to wear stylish modern options, combined with vintage chains, homemade braided pigtails and leather cords.