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Women's shoes
Women's classic shoes
Classic women's shoes are almost all borrowed from the design of men's shoes, and the most relevant and practical models in appearance, décor and even names are identical to shoes that are representatives of the stronger sex.

Derby - the universal shoes of strict style, can have a traditional design or a thick sole like "geisha".
Oxfordette is women's oxfords, the most conservative in terms of decor and shape of shoes, which, nevertheless, look great in the context of romantic and informal eclectic outfits.
Monkey - boots, similar to the same shoes without laces or with a metal buckle on the side.
Loafers are a great everyday model with a soft body, no strings and a neat decor in the form of tassels or a small fringe.
Desert and Chukka - boots ankle-high or slightly higher. They are sewn respectively from suede and leather, supplied with 4-6 holes for laces and are rarely decorated with anything.
Sports, affordable and grunge models occupy a special place and are ideal for the most courageous and comfortable images with dresses, jeans and casual-format trousers. Original leather sneakers, snickers, grinders and stylized warm boots are presented in the collections of Ana Lublin, Antarctica, Docksteps, Fontana 2.0, Guess, Laura Biagiotti, Love Moschino, Made in Italia, Moon Boot, Pierre Cardin, U.S. Polo, Xti and other brands.