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Women • Shoes

Women's shoes
For women, shoes are particularly reverent. Constantly high demands are made on her quality and appearance, and every woman wants to have a lot of shoes for different occasions, that is, all possible colors and styles. But most importantly, shoes should be comfortable, as a modern woman is very active and often spends a lot of time on her feet.

Women's winter shoes
With the onset of cold weather, it is especially important that your feet be warm, while you want to look beautiful and elegant. Confidently feel on icy roads will help shoes on a flat, and even better relief, rubberized sole. Demi-season and winter shoes are being subjected to much more trials due to the slush and reagents used to process the streets. All this is a reason to take a very responsible approach to the choice of footwear for the cold seasons, giving preference to quality products from trusted manufacturers. In winter and in the offseason, boots, Ankle boots, fashionable ugg boots and more are very relevant.

Summer footwear
Summer women's shoes are flip flops, sandals, slates, as well as ballet flats, moccasins and more. Very popular rubber shoes - ideal for relaxing on the beach. Sneakers and sneakers are suitable not only for sports, but also for walking, trips out of town.