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Original women's skirts
What can better emphasize femininity and beauty than a stylish skirt? Due to the variety of styles it is easy to choose clothes that will sit well on the figure and harmoniously fit into the conceived image. The Spinelli marketplace site has a large selection of skirts from the best collections of popular brands. Top up your wardrobe with current trends.

Types of women's skirts
The skirt is one of the most ancient types of clothing known to mankind. To date, there are dozens of types of cut, hundreds of finishes, and designers are not going to slow down. The catalog of beautiful skirts for women on Spinelli keeps track of new items to be the first to offer them to customers.

The most popular styles of skirts:
Pencil Skirt, or Skirt Case. Tight fitting hips, tapers to the bottom. In combination with high heels visually makes the silhouette slimmer, sleeker.
Straight Skirt. Often it has cuts on the sides, so it does not hold down movements.
Trapezoid Skirt. Style hails from the 1960s. with a characteristic extension to the bottom. Looks particularly impressive on denim skirts.
Gode ​​skirt, mermaid, or fish. A flounced model at the bottom that gently wraps the hips.
Tulip or balloon. It has a narrowing at the bottom, due to which neat folds are formed and additional volume is created.
Sun-flared Skirt. Stitched from a single piece of material, in the form of a full circle. Beautifully scatters when turning.
What sew skirts?
Fashionable skirts in the USA, Russia and Europe are mainly made from blended fabrics that combine the properties of natural and synthetic fibers. Such products stretch, crumple less and worn longer. Prices for skirts depend on the quality of the material.

For sewing light summer models take chiffon, silk, cotton and linen. Demi-skirts are made of denim, jacquard, gabardine. Winter - from velvet, velveteen, woolen cloth. The online store of stylish skirts Spinelli offers you all the above options.

How to wear skirts based on length?
Women's clothing, skirts in particular, has three lengths: mini, midi and maxi. Short products can be combined with both sneakers and shoes. Elegant models are best complemented by shoes with heels, and everyday to combine with simple and comfortable ballet flats.

The length of the midi is more demanding and looks best with knee-high boots, stilettos and graceful boots. Maxi skirts can be combined with sandals and sandals, ballet shoes and even sneakers.

How to make the right choice?
If you are going to buy a women's skirt in the USA, Russia or Europe, focus on the features of the figure. If you have big hips, avoid ruffling and patch pockets in this area. Want to add a couple of centimeters of height? Get models with landing on a waist.

Spinelli Shop offers shopping with Free Shipping to the USA, Russia and Europe, as well as other regions. The cost of the skirt will pleasantly surprise you, because there are discounts on the site, there are promotions and sales. Automatic processing of orders and automatic shipment from the warehouse of DHL - runs 24/7.

Happy shopping!