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Fashionable women's sweaters
The sweater is a simple, democratic and at the same time stylish type of clothes. No wonder the world-famous brands include it in the collection, constantly improving styles and design. We offer to replenish your wardrobe with new things and buy cheaply beautiful women's sweater in the online store Spinelli. Available quality products from European, Italian and other global brands.

Varieties of women's sweaters
Before you buy a fashionable warm sweater for autumn or winter, you should understand the variety of proposals. A variety of fabrics are used as tailoring materials: knitwear and natural wool, mohair and angora, silk and cashmere. Recently, manufacturers are increasingly taking into work mixed fibers, so the price of a branded sweater in the United States, Russia and the European Union is quite acceptable.

According to the options for cutting sweaters for women are divided as follows:
pullovers (model without clasps with a V-neck);
jumpers (the style suggests a rounded gate);
tunics (elongated sweaters free cut);
turtlenecks (long-necked models);
a jacket (clothes on buttons or a lightning).
Women's fashion for sweaters is changing every season. However, short-term and over-designed models, styles on 1 shoulder, with an open back, with a hood, and a “bat” are always in demand. Bright embroidery, rhinestones and sequins, original prints are used as decorative elements.

Beautiful sweaters for every taste
Depending on the textures and patterns of women's sweaters are:

Fishnet. Light and airy models with lace weave or knitting.
Jacquard. Products with beautiful abstract patterns or ornaments.
Norwegian stars. Sweaters with a characteristic Scandinavian ornament in the form of large stars on the coquette and the upper part of the sleeves.
Aran. Aran knitting is a beautiful interweaving of braids.
Melange. Products are made from colored yarn.
Fluffy. Catalog of knitted sweaters Spinelli presents models of cashmere, mohair, angora.
In the top most popular colors: red, white, gray, shades of blue, violet and yellow. Winter sweaters for girls online graceful and warm. Models, sequined, feel free to wear a solemn family dinner or a festive event in the office, and long products of dense knit will not allow to freeze for a walk.

Order a stylish sweater for women in the online store Spinelli with Free Shipping to the United States, Russia and the European Union, as well as other regions can now. Compare your favorite options for features and choose the one that fits best. There are discounts and promotions on the site, there are sales.

Profitable shopping awaits!